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The original Amiga Supaplex version had to fit on a standard kB floppy disk and it needed to run on a standard kB Amiga like the original A or A In fact: The Amiga version could not be copied onto the hardrive due to copy protection and its custom disk format. The game comes with levels though many unofficial level sets have been released that greatly increase that number. Two guys from the London region started to program a full version for the Atari ST , but it was never released, because of the limited graphical support.

Due to hardware dependent programming, the PC version of Supaplex ran twice as fast as PCs became faster. Herman Perk disassembled the game, debugged it and re-assembled it again. The result became known as SpeedFix. Extra features have also been added without changing the game itself. The developers of the game have declared the software freeware.

The game is very challenging, but unlike many Boulder Dash-related games the difficulty comes from solving the puzzles in each level rather than from semi-responsive controls. Furthermore, Supaplex does not use time limits for solving the puzzles, unlike Boulder Dash. Most objects are identical in behaviour to those in the original Boulder Dash. Instead of dirt, the levels are filled with printed circuit board simply called base in the game's manual, and not lined with brick walls, but with computer chips and other hardware , and filled with Zonks instead of rocks.

The enemies are moving scissors , called Snik Snaks, and electrons which resemble sparkling stars. Supaplex introduces a number of new elements that were not present in Boulder Dash, including bugs, pieces of base that randomly cause a life threatening electrostatic discharges , Ports, which limit Murphy's movement to specific directions, and terminals , which set off yellow Utility Disks.

Utility Disks are explosive floppy disks and come in three different colors: Orange Disks work like Zonks, but explode when hit or when falling. Yellow Disks do not fall yet may be pushed in any direction, but not pulled which allows creating Sokoban -like puzzles , and explode when the Terminal is used. Red Disks can be carried and dropped when convenient, exploding seconds after. Supaplex is the first Boulder Dash-like game that is not fully grid-based : while the playing field is an obvious grid, the objects do not "snap" from one grid position to another, but can be halfway or "in between" grid positions while moving or falling.

This behavior has led to a number of well-known bugs that can be turned to the player's advantage, many of which need to be exploited to complete fan-made levels. For instance, by turning around quickly, the player can cause an enemy or rock to "bounce" off Murphy. The game also applies "gravity" on some levels, which means that Murphy will fall down empty spaces and will be unable to go back up, unless he climbs up by using bases. Gravity is not actually designated - the player can only notice via trial-and-error.

Although the original version doesn't keep scores, it can also play levels of sizes, different from the fixed 60x24 Supaplex levels. Paulo Matoso from Portugal added many new features including scores in the release version 1. There is also a version for Macintosh , called Infotron , a version for iOS devices called Supaplex and a versions for Android handheld devices called DroidPlex! See also.


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